We welcome you for using our website testchief.com. We promise you if you use our site we will hide your personal information and details completely. Here it is our privacy notice of the testchief.com it expresses that how we deal your personal information and some others identifications when you use our website. When you make login name on testchief.com then you have to provide some personal details and information to testchief.com. And testchief.com can use your information and personal details through this privacy statement. When we user your personal information it doesnít mean that we will provide it to the third person or any other website we just make use of your personal identifications for helping and facilitating you in appropriate and professional way.

When you become our member in order to user our website then it is requested to you, please give your effective email address as your email-address is actually your user-name. We spotlight on this point so that we can contact with you at any time through this email address. If the email is not correct or not in use then we canít make contact with you. After becoming our member if you forget your user user-name or password then there is no problem you can easily retrieve you user name and password through providing some personal identifications. And our links can also be used for this purpose. But you have to provide absolute personal details for retrieving your user name or the password.

Testchief.com will never give your personal identification to any person or any company without the permission of you. Testchief work with this rule:-

"Consumerís privacy is actually our privacy and we mean itĒ

When you make account on our website then it means that you can acquire our proficient services, product details, and some other matters we are here for you assistance. After becoming the member of testchief.com we will provide you the following services after inspecting your registered information

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Request assistance from our facility Live chat.

Moreover Testchief also hide your credit card information and payment information. When you are interested to buy any product of our website then you have to pay for that by credit card or online payment but Testchief assure you which one method is used regarding to make payment of the product, it is the guarantee of testchief.com that it will not share or exchange your payment relevant information. We will demolish your information after three months in order to protect your privacy.

Eventually testchief.com provides you complete privacy in all matters. However if you feel any nuisance regarding our privacy policy then donít hesitate to contact with us. You can contact with us via Live Chat or email us from Support page.